The final trade fair

Final trade fair was a success for our team as one of the judges was from the health sector and she saw the use of our product in some other way and asked for our contact and told us she would be looking forward to discussing the future products with our team.

Apart from the trade fair, there was a ceremony to highlight the achivers of Kingston University Enterprise, sadly we were not part of the winners.


Dragon’s Den

On 16th march we had are final presentation and were given 6 minutes to give our pitch on Flushies and this time we were ready with our finances and selling strategy. We told the judges that our product will be available in dispensers with one pack containing 2 flushes and costing 1.5 pounds. Judges had a lot of questions on our finances as our product was being manufactured in the United Kingdom. End of the day we were not able to make it to the finals but overall it was huge learning lesson for the practical life regardless of the result.

Dragon Den prep

On 9th march we had a final rehearsal for Dragon Den, along with it we completed the report for the module. The rehearsal did not go as planned as we were not prepared for it as we were more focused on the report the whole week. The comments we got after the rehearsal helped us prepared for next week and we found out what are missing and how we can make our pitch better.

The first half!

The first half of my masters has been completed, it’s been a wonderful 4 months. All the modules combined have given me a sense about how I can execute my start up successfully. Now that my assisgnments have been submitted successfully, now I can foucus on our start up project which we are doing in the design thinking module.

After the reviews from dragons den last month, we are planning to make few changes to our product and hopefully the new changes would make our product much better and more marketable. And hopefully we can carry it with us after finishing aur degree.

By the end of the next half, I think Kingston University would have tought me enough to be successful in the professional life ahead.

Dragons Den

We were given an opportunity to show case our product or service in front of experienced judges, it was a wonderful chance to get feedback of our work we have done till now so that we can improve it.

Two of our team members were not able to attend it due to some personal issues. But we still managed to cover their part as well. The reviews we got from the judges were mixed as they liked our idea but on the other hand gave us the much needed critic, which was needed.

Judges gave us the much needed information about our product and what we are lacking and how we should manage it. Now we are going to enter the manufacturing stage and are looking for chemicals which would make our product dissolvable in water.



After weeks of discussions we finally came up with a final idea which we would be working on this academic year. We had two options to go with one was related to cycle safety and other was related to tissues.

At first we were going with cycle safety equipments but I had an issue regarding it as their were many companies manufacturing these kind of items already and it would have been hard for us to distinguish ourself in such a competitive market. So we went with the tissue idea, only thing which I can let you guys know about our product at the moment is that we would be targeting institutes such as hospitals and public places instead of individuals.


The brain storming lecture of last week led to us going out in our reading week and find a problem by experimenting it ourself. Our group came up with a plan from Sainsbury’s shopping centre, we noticed that many people have a lot of plastic bags in their homes but most of the time they forget to bring them along for shopping so they end up buying another bag which they will take home and put with the rest or just throw it out.

We came up with an idea that if a person had an option of taking all of their shopping bags from home to Sainsbury’s  and give them to the shopping centre and the shopping centre would put the number of bags on the person’s club card for future use. In this way the person won’t have to carry a bag with them all the time and also it will be helpful for the environment as it will reduce the wastage of plastic bags.

Body Storming!

We were told in the class to perform body storming exercise in our groups by taking a wheel chair and drag it in the department to see the flaws the building has for the disable people.

The first thing which we observed was that the door which goes out from the back side does not allow the wheel chair to roll out as the surface is not that smooth. As you go out the back side you see two wheel chair lifts, which are not much of a facility as one of them rarely works and the other one has a safety issue as the door can damage a person while opening so the lift door opening button should be placed half or one meter before the lift door.

Body storming can really open your mind as doing things physically gives you an experience which helps in improving things because you have went through it.


Naming the company was more harder then all of us thought, the name which we came up for our team is YOBBAFIC. We tried to come up with a name with our first alphabetic of our first names and then with our surnames. At the end we all agreed that our names are not good for this.

So in the end we came up with YOBBAFIC, which has everyone’s first name or surname in it.

Design Thinking

My first two weeks in the design thinking have been a great learning experience. In my first lecture we got introduced to the young enterprise charity who help students start up their business and it is great thing to learn as you can make mistakes and there will be people who would help with your problems and also it is better to fail here than in real life.

The problem solving part, which we have been doing in the teams really help you as it brings a lot of ideas to the table and with the diversity we have in our groups, you tend to hear new things from every ones experiences.